Timetable step-by-step example

Timetable production has moved on at an amazing pace in recent years. FWT both in UK and USA has been at the forefront of developing new, fresher design templates, as well as fast automatic production.

We handle all forms of data to produce timetables: TransXchange, ATCO cif, Excel, and ‘yes’ still paper copy as well. We can work with all the scheduling systems that are out there in the marketplace to get your timetables in front of your passengers.

We offer data cleaning services to ensure the product your client gets to see is right. This is ever increasingly important at bus stops/shelters and interchanges. If we can’t supply that timetable information quickly, within the 8 seconds we believe in, and correctly, then infrequent or new users will move on.

From bus stop panels to leaflets, books and on-line service, we will have the solution for you.