FWT can supply as much or as little help with your project as you like.

We like to get involved in projects at the earliest stage and help with advice in saving you money, based on over 40 years experience. Our primary focus is on value for money, based on foundations of a solid understanding of usability in real circumstances, in the home, in the street and during the journey.

Depending on the project type and scope, we offer: full audit, recommendation and report on existing products and infrastructure; compilation of timetables and maps from registrations ready for production; checking and validation of timetables from source databases; design and production of maps at all scales and styles for a variety of applications; compilation, design and production of rail and bus network diagrams; automated timetable production to print-ready files; interactive websites invisibly linked to static and printed materials; design and production of signage, including manufacture;  project management from inception to implementation; printing from one or two copies to millions.