stop8 Seconds and they’re gone

Good products, in the right place, have about eight seconds to capture their readers. That’s the maximum amount of time to hold the attention of someone seeking information. If it is perceived that progress is not being made within that time, most people give up. This demonstrates how easy it is to waste money – all that time spent designing, producing and implementing the products for very few people to get past the first hurdle.

Different types of environments and situations where FWT has followed another of its guiding principles of The four Ds: Discover, Define, Design, Deliver, can be found by clicking on Case Studies. There is no point in designing products for a particular need, if no-one is clear what the need is. We are believers in the maxim: “Don’t tell me your solution, tell me your problem”.

Context is everything

The vast majority of information provided to public transport users has been produced to the same formulae for decades. It is our opinion that there is a fundamental lack of understanding of what passengers actually need (and where) and this is almost always because the context in which it is to be used is not understood by most designers. This can mean that a significant amount of money is wasted. The problem is then compounded by the false assumption that the same formula will work anywhere.

It is essential for us to identify the problem before coming up with any solutions. We cannot over emphasise the importance of a clear objective without pre-conceived ideas of the solutions. Meaningful and cost effective budgets can then be established.