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In order to solve a problem, first it is essential to be clear what the problem actually is. It is commonplace for a ‘solution’ to be thought viable, without really understanding the circumstances and context in which it will be experienced by the user. It has been said ‘To what problem is this seen to be the solution?’

Our Audit & Report service establishes what is in place now, what may be succeeding, what may be failing and importantly, what may be missing. We evaluate existing information and how it is being made available, in terms of street infrastructure and the products themselves. We then recommend design and product solutions; maps, signage, street furniture – they all matter. We know it is an old cliché, but the total is greater than the sum of the parts and we ensure all parts are considered and all parts work seamlessly.

The solutions in different places are often similar, though the application of them can vary enormously to achieve the same end. Local geography, complexity of networks and so on, must been accounted for to reach a cost-effective outcome. In truth one size fits no-one.

We only look at product delivery from the point of view of your customers and not your’s or FWT’s. Having successful products, well designed and crucially in the right points along the decision-making process, is of benefit to you.